Our Machine

The IE 100

The IE 100, is Integrated Extraction's entry-level commercial extraction machine. The machine is American made and uses the highest quality components and fittings. This machine is ideal for both experienced and new operators, who are unwilling to sacrifice efficiency, reliability, or safety.

Standard Design Specifications

  • All stainless steel design that is compliant with food sanitation standards
  • Centralized control panel
  • Material column with capacity up to 5lbs of material per run
  • Solvent tank for storage of butane or other liquified petroleum gases (LPG)
  • Holding and collection columns with outer sleeves (jacketed design optional)
  • Pneumatic Haskel pump
  • Parker™ stainless steel/PTFE hoses
  • Swagelok™ fitting and valves
  • Pittsburgh™ Vacuum pump
  • High strength, bolted frame

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Benefits & Features

  • Centralized Control Panel - All of the gauges and valves are housed in a single panel. This greatly simplifies the operation of the machine and protects these components from the enhanced wear and tear they would experience if attached to each of the tanks.
  • Emergency Relief Valve System - All of the critical hoses flow through a centralized emergency relief valve system. If the machine becomes over pressurized, the valve system will discharge the pressure safely away from the operator. Additionally, the emergency relief valve system can be easily incorporated into the overall design of the extraction facility.
  • Heat Free Design - The addition of an evaporator valve allows the butane solvent to return to its gaseous state without having to add heat. This allows operators to complete the separation process with minimal monitoring.
  • Holding Column - The addition of a second soaking column coupled with the machine’s modular design allows operators to “hot swap” the material tank (i.e., remove, clean, and repack the material tank while the machine is still running). This allows operators to continuously run the machine and eliminates the set-up time between batches.
  • Pneumatic Pump - The use of a pneumatic pump is critical when running the extraction process with butane or LPG because it uses no electrical components, increasing the safety over the overall process. Additionally, our EXT-420 setup has been modified to include a stage selector valve that allows the machine to run vacuum and to include an emergency recirculation valve that will prevent the system from exceeding a safe operating range.
  • Quick Connect Hoses - Our columns and hoses all utilize Swagelok’s quick connect system. This allows operators to easily and securely connect and disconnect the hoses and tanks without the need for any tools.
  • Third-Party Certified - The extraction machine is in the process of being reviewed and certified for use by a third-party engineering firm.